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    The reason is because , there are ways to determine the role destiny and luck of the house .


    Doors facing the mirror


    Some people like to hang a large mirror near the door for easy costumes overhaul , hair before going out . The layout conducive to such activities but if you put a mirror facing the main door will cause adverse effects to the financial operation of the owner , whether the money will eventually come . In feng shui , this way of " rotten assets " . How to best resolve in this case is moving mirror in a different direction .


    Doors opposite the bedroom door


    Bedroom is a place to rest, relax , be quiet , discreet , and is where the main door , out into the regular guests , will affect the tranquility necessary . Doors directly around the bedroom door will easily affect health .


    Doors without light , sloppy


    From the perspective of good feng shui , the entrance porch should be spacious, bright and clean to attract good luck to the house . Ensure entrances are well lit or lights are functioning properly. In case of broken lights need replacing as quickly as possible .


    Many people often for personal items such as sports equipment , sports bags ... or even garbage at the entrance so that it is convenient . But always remember to keep the toilet entrance area . Also, it is best to dispose of what is no longer used to remove negative energy accumulated from the long day .


    Entrance obstructions


    If you see a big obstacle , such as light poles , trees or any other obstacles that appear in front entrance , the house had fallen into a state of receiving negative energy inside the suddenly , causing the bad environment .


     Tips: Similar to above , a healthy potted trees can minimize the negative energy is stormed into the house so fast .


    The main door opposite the elevator , stairs


    Opposite the elevator door will commit that  open border police , the story will encounter many troublesome problems . With the house in this position , so hang on mi door mirrors and door steps so exalted a little more.


    Tip: When the main door and staircase opposite , if the stairs upwards , will make health homeowners increasingly weakened , resorting to a exalted steps up about 3 inches (about 10cm ) to neutralize . If the downward staircase , financial operation of the owner will be very bad , money in the house will be " flowing " out, should resolve by concave mirror hanging on the door helps draw mi , good gas concentration , keep the money .


    Main door facing the toilet door


    In Feng Shui , the main door is called electronic gate , to be compared with the human mouth . The food that people eat no guarantee for good health will not even make you sick. Similarly, the door has a problem, and good feng shui will not affect the operation of all your family members . Gas door belongs net positive , the atmosphere of the music toilet alone. If doors and toilets will cause conflicting yin and yang are not in harmony, leading to loss of property.


    Tips: The method of this resolve is hanging in a toilet door blinds granular , help prevent the pulse of the doors and close the toilet door , which adversely affects fell